Return policy

14 day return policy

Maybe you found out blue was not really your colour after ordering some blue kyanite? No problem just send us back the item within 14 days after recieving it and we will refund your product for you.

Do i need an invoice to return the item?

No, all of our items are unique so the SKU will help us check. Which is which. But your contact details should be enough to find your purchace.

When will i recieve my refund?

After we have received the item back usually within 5 business enough is plenty of time to sort the bookkeeping and send you back your money.

What about product warranty?

Since most of our products are unique and natural this is harder to do. Most of the stones are pretty hard and resistant to the elements, so you would really have to go out of your way to damage them, with certain acceptions there. Which will have a cautionary warning in their description.