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Ametrine, also known as “trystine”, is a naturally occurring variety of quartz. It is a blend of amethyst and citrine with parts of purple and yellow or orange. almost all of it is mined in Bolivia.

The purple and yellow stone

The different colors in the Ametrine are caused by varying levels of the iron inside and it’s degree of oxidation. The yellow citrine part has oxidized iron while the purple amethyst part remains unoxidized. The difference in oxidation happens when the crystal is forming and is dependent on how the heat is distributed over the crystal.

A natural uncut piece of Ametrine
A natural uncut piece of Ametrine

It’s history

According to legend Ametrine was brought to Europe for the first time by a Spanish conquistador for the Spanish queen in the 16th century. He was able to do this because he received a mine in Bolivia when he married a princess from the local Ayoreos tribe.


Due to it being a combination of Citrine and Amethyst, Ametrine is said to be an exceptional stone for developing awareness and opening the third eye.