Tranquility bracelets started as a passion for something unique and timeless. At a time when almost everything is made of plastic, people are looking for something real: something substantial.

From this came our mission to go out and look for beautiful, timeless jewelry. All our pieces are unique, authentic and entirely of crystal. Every object is therefore “one of a kind” and has its own color, feel and definitions. You never know for sure whether we will soon receive something similar again.

We only select the best pieces and show them here, we specialize in finding such a 20 kinds of popular semi-precious stones.

We take this very seriously, because each piece is placed on this website with its own unique series of photos and comments. No generic photos but the actual item that you can buy will be shown to you.


We currently ship to Holland, Germany, Belgium and the UK. But we can send it anywhere if you like, just contact us with your question and we will be able to find a way.


We accept returns in 14 days if the item is not to your liking. All of our photo’s are taken under natural light so what you see, is what you get.